Superior technology for thermal bridging

Thermal bridges in balconies and loggias are the most common cause for heat loss increase and comfort disturbance in buildings. Schöck structural elements are the best way to reduce thermal bridging while allowing great design freedom.


Plan and build without compromise!

Regardless of whether you are building new or renovating existing structures, Termomost offers the Bulgarian market a wide range of innovative product solutions and systems created by Schöck and including high-quality ready-to-install components for thermal insulation, sound insulation and specific solutions for reinforcing concrete structures.

The planning and design of a building is challenging

Sustainability, safety and quality of life are reflected in design and set trends in architecture. The focus is on increasing energy efficiency, good sound insulation and an accessible environment.

Our product solutions are arranged in categories according to their applications (Balconies, loggias and canopies, Boards and roofs, Facades, Slabs, Stairs):

  • Isokorb – Load-bearing thermal insulation elements for cantilever elements.
  • Isolink – Thermally separating fasteners for core-insulated facade systems.
  • Tronsole – Ready-to-install impact sound insulation elements for all staircase connections.
  • Stacon – Element for transmitting shear forces at expansion joints in reinforced concrete floor structures.
  • Bole – Dependable punching shear reinforcement for flat slabs.
  • Combar – innovative fiberglass reinforcement for various fields of application as an alternative to stainless steel.
  • Signo – Ready-to-install concrete formwork for semi-precast elements.


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