Energy efficient building ACME
Qhome (Quality homes) is an energy efficient multi-family housing building by the construction and investment company ACMI. It is the first residential building in Bulgaria to be certified under the EDGE (Ëxcellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) standard for sustainable and green construction. The building is located in the Vitosha district of Sofia city. It has a total floor area of 4945.11 m2.The building design incorporates the use of innovative […]
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Single-family residential building in Pleven
Two-storey single-family residential building with reinforced concrete construction under construction. 41 Schöck Isokorb elements have been used for the complete thermal separation of all cantilever exits. In this way heat losses are minimized and the possibility of condensation and unpleasant consequences such as mold and moisture is eliminated. For the placement of details by workers not […]
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Single-family residential building in Delta Hill
При еднофамилните жилищни сгради, често линейните термомостове се появяват при бордове на покриви, конзолни излизания на тераси, балкони и лоджии. По време на изграждането на конкретния обект са използвани детайлите на Schöck тип Isokorb. По този начин се постига пълното топлинно отделяне на конзолата пред дневния тракт на къщата. Ефектът от изолирането на топлинния мост […]
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