Schöck Combar®

A special durable reinforcement alternative

The innovative fiberglass material has extraordinary properties. Schöck Combar® is the superior alternative to reinforcing steel for special applications.


High durability

The short-term tensile strength of the Schöck Combar® is 1000 N/mm², which is higher than reinforcing steel – it has also been tested for a service life of up to 100 years in concrete.

Resistant to chemicals

Long-term alkali resistance; even carbonation or de-icing salts do not lead to corrosion.

Non-conducting or magnetisable

No interactions with electrical fields due to electromagnetic neutrality.

Easily machinable

Superior alternative to steel reinforcement in tunnel construction due to easy machinability.


Schöck Combar® is ideally suited for the following applications:

- Bored pile reinforcement

- Industry and power plants;

- General building construction;

- Research facilities;

- Infrastructure building projects;

- Shipbuilding and façade construction.

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Wide variety of elements for greater design freedom

Whether you want to build a balcony, loggia, terrace, railing or roof board, Schöck's universal product range helps you choose the right solution for insulating thermal bridges with these elements. In the attachments section you can download the technical specification of the elements and other documentation.

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