Schöck Bole®

The efficient solution against punching shear.Schöck Bole®, the ready-to-install reinforcement element for point-load supported flat slabs, prevents punching shear due to the optimal force transfer in the area of the columns.


High level of safety

Approved for use throughout Europe with CE mark (European Technical Assessment).

Easy installation

All Schöck Bole® types ensure easy and time-saving installation.

Ready-to-install elements

Schöck Bole® is delivered ready-to-install, ensuring fast and secure installation. Тhe reinforcement is ready for installation and assures optimum force absorption around the column area, thus resisting punching shear. In doing so, Schöck Bole® offers enhanced scope for delicate architectural design – with no need whatsoever for column capitals or drop panels. 

A special solution

Easy and fast implementation at the construction site with Bole® types U and O.

Type F was developed for efficient installation in the precast plant.

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Wide variety of elements for greater design freedom

Whether you want to build a balcony, loggia, terrace, railing or roof board, Schöck's universal product range helps you choose the right solution for insulating thermal bridges with these elements. In the attachments section you can download the technical specification of the elements and other documentation.

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