Schöck Tronsole

Effective impact sound insulation for stairs. As a sound insulation system, the Schöck Tronsole® types offer effective insulation against impact sound for all staircase connections – with the highest level of sound protection.


A complete system

Perfectly matching solutions for every reinforced concrete staircase. The Schöck Tronsole® variants are perfectly matched to each other and ensure efficient impact sound insulation that encompasses all structural element subsections on both straight and winding staircases.

High reliability for planning

Mature, proven products with the necessary German static verifications, such as the approval for Schöck Tronsole® type Q, type T and type P.

Freedom of design

Connections with Schöck Tronsole® do not require corbel support, allow the design of air joints and filigree exposed concrete landings.

Simple and safe installation

Thanks to optimised products and the safety of the blue line. Ready-to-install Schöck Tronsole® products also seal joints, thus avoiding installation faults. For a result without acoustic bridges.

The Schöck Tronsole® system is easy to install and is suitable for both prefabricated stair treads and cast-in-place stairs.

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Wide variety of elements for greater design freedom

Whether you want to build a balcony, loggia, terrace, railing or roof board, Schöck's universal product range helps you choose the right solution for insulating thermal bridges with these elements. In the attachments section you can download the technical specification of the elements and other documentation.

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