Energy efficient building ACME


Avega Engineering for the "Structural" part


Qhome (Quality homes) is an energy efficient multi-family housing building by the construction and investment company ACMEIt is the first residential building in Bulgaria to be certified under the EDGE (Ëxcellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) standard for sustainable and green construction. The building is located in the Vitosha district of Sofia city. It has a total floor area of 4945.11 m2.

The building design incorporates the use of innovative methods, technology, and sustainable construction solutions to maximize occupant comfort, low operating costs, and emissions’ savings. One of these technological solutions, in order to improve the energy efficiency of the building, is the use of Schöck type Isokorb in the loggias of all the apartments, offered by Termomost. The construction details eliminate thermal bridges, prevent the appearance of moisture and mold, maintain a good microclimate, and preserve heat in the rooms. The application of the Isokorb construction detail prevents the "wrapping" of the loggias with thermal insulation by achieving a uniform floor level inside the room and the loggia. Moreover, it ensures the integrity and resistance of the coverings on the external parts of the apartments and saves additional construction work (works) such as:

  • "wrapping" the loggia with thermal insulation;
  • Saving reinforcing steel by reducing the thickness of the screeds on the inside of the apartments.

QHome's 55 apartments are used 113 elements Schöck Isokorb® XT/T

If you want to isolate the occurrence of linear thermal bridges, you can contact us via our contact form.

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