Antarctic station with maximum living comfort

September 1, 2022

The Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station EACF is a permanently positioned research base named after the commander of the Brazilian fleet, Luís Antônio de Carvalho Ferraz.

In certain parts of the planet, nature creates harsh conditions for the human body. Designing buildings in such places is like creating a protected environment, a shelter that provides safety and comfort.

This makes the design and construction of such types of buildings a complex task. 

The facility was pre-fabricated as a modular system to withstand high winds. The structure is steel and consists of longitudinal trussesstrengthened by vertical ties, securing the structure for horizontal impacts. The maximum wheelbase is 12m. All these components are supported by a system of steel columns that transmit the load from the building to the ground.

The facade construction consists of panels covered with galvanized steel, installed with a hidden installation system. The facade is corrosion-resistant with low operating costs and maximally resistant to harsh climatic conditions.

These harsh climatic conditions with huge outside and inside temperature differences create a favorable environment for the appearance of thermal bridges. Learn more about thermal bridges here.

To prevent thermal bridging, the design team placed 218 Isocorb structural elements between the internal and external steel column structure and the external stairwells. The thermal bridge breakers are suitable for all grades of steel and profiles and are made of stainless steel.

The chief engineer of the Antarctic Station EACF says: "I would like to thank Schoeck for the technical support and knowledge that were extremely important for the realization of the building."

Elements used: Isokorb T Type S

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