Single-family residential building in Delta Hill





При еднофамилните жилищни сгради, често линейните термомостове се появяват при roof superstructure, cantilevered outlets on terraces, balconies and loggias.

During the construction of the specific site the details of Schöck type Isokorb. In this way the complete thermal separation of the console in front of the living room of the house is achieved.

Detail for thermal insulation of cantilever outlets.

The effect of insulating the thermal bridge can be seen in an infrared camera image. The outside-inside boundary of the floor structure is clearly visible, which means that the thermal bridge has been successfully insulated..

Infrared image of a cantilevered floor structure separated by “Isokorb” details

Therefore, this way, we guarantee the preservation of heat in the room spaces.

The installation of the elements is carried out quickly. No additional as the installation is exceptionally simplified.

During the field testing of the reinforced concrete cantilever, it became clear that it was carrying much higher loads compared to the 3KN/m^2 temporary loads and 2KN/m^2 permanent loads, specified in the design.

The designers of the project are Proconsultant for the "Architecture" partand Avega Engineering for the "Structural" part.

If you want to isolate the occurrence of linear thermal bridges, you can contact us via our contact form.

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