Ycone Tower residential tower

December 20, 2022

Location: Lyon, France

Architects: Ateliers Jean Nouvel


Construction company: Fontanel Groupe

Technological solutions: Schöck Bauteile GmbH, Reynaers Aluminium, STACBOND

Area: 7461 м²

Ycone Tower is the first residential building with a unique floating silhouette made of double opal glass cladding.

The design of the 64-metre tower-like Ycone building was created by the famous architect Jean Nouvel.

The residential tower has 14 floors comprising 92 apartments - including 27 social housing units - which, together with 600 square metres of retail space on the first floor, form a vibrant mix of residential and mixed-use areas. 

The tower-like structure is designed with a double opal glass cladding, featuring a multi-layered façade and a palette of pastel colours, that contrast against the backdrop of a city known for its colourful Italian architecture. 

The remaining Schöck Signo® formwork was used in the project

The form of the building is described as 'two buildings in one',as the social sector flats occupy a separate area of the northern part of the building. It has a terraced garden at its base as a 'green filter' allowing for micro public space.

The exterior of the building consists of two different facades. These facades are separated by balconies that wrap around the building and form additional spaces.

The interior façade is clad primarily with aluminum panels in 11 different pastel shades ranging from sky blue to coral.

The exterior façade is framed by a white lacquered aluminum frame that extends into the upper portion of the building and is partially glazed with various colored and textured glass panels.

Each facade has a geometric pattern. The intermediate area allows people to occupy the space in different ways - similar to an enclosed balcony.

The facades are designed on two planes and work on what happens between the two. This gap will be a living space, an in-between zone, what the Japanese call "ma".

People will live there, have breakfast, have dinner, walk around, put flowers pots... The two facade panels will overlay two compositions, which will then form a slightly deeper composition.

The lightness of the two-layer façade construction is based on the strength of the slabs, which are assembled at each level with beams made of Schöck Signo® formwork, providing the ideal cover for concrete building elements.

Schöck Signo® formwork elements replace conventional wood or polystyrene formwork when pouring concrete.

This formwork method for use in concrete structures produces high quality ends in pre-cast balconies, floor slabs and walls in extruded fibre concrete type C40/50. In this way replace conventional wood or polystyrene formwork when pouring concrete.

Concrete products specialist Plattard relied on this innovative, off-the-shelf solution from Schöck to pre-manufacture more than 300 running meters of precast beams at the heart of Ycone Tower.

The design and architecture of the building as well as the engineering solutions implemented in it have contributed to winning several international and global awards: 

  • Silver Pyramids 2018 Regional Grand Prize
  • Industrial Innovation Award 2018
  • 2017 Low Carbon Pyramid

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